Customer Service

Especially when buying dance shoes, dancers need to try on several shoes to find the right ones
since they have to fit well and should not hurt while dancing.

Therefore you should attach great importance in receiving personal expert advice!

A retail shop offers a wide range of dance shoes, which can be tried on and compared to each other.
You can come with your own ideas and desires into a retail shop and find the perfect dance shoe
with the help of a trained advisor.

We wish you great joy in finding the right dance shoe in your retail shop
and an even greater joy while dancing!

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Client counselling in local stores - subsequent purchase at online-shops
Unfortunately it happens from time to time that customers visit local stores only to receive specialist client counselling and subsequently purchase dance shoes at an online-shop. Please note that online-shops do not bear the high cost for qualified personnel that local stores do. We kindly ask you only to call upon local counselling if you have the intention to buy your shoes at the particular shop.

Thank you for your understanding.