Material & Care


With the selection of our materials we proceed very carefully and responsible. Therefore we always intend to collaborate with our suppliers on a longt-term basis. It is our belief that only long-term business relationships lead to trust, respect, accurateness and subsequently to the best possible quality. A high-value-added product with the best possible value for our customers can only be achieved by this procedure.

Furthermore, we really want to know who our suppliers are. Only with profound knowledge about our suppliers and how they work we can guarantee that they stick to the high responsible ecological and social standards like we do in our manufactory. For this reason our supplying partner companies are at

57% from Germany
heels, sole leather, sewing threads, push-buttons, buckles, glue, laces, shoeboxes and cardboards, etc.

23% from Italy
nappa leather, suede leather, nubuk synthetic, silver synthetic, patent synthetic, microfiber, etc.

17% from other countries within the EU
for example satin fabrics from England or insoles, heel tips and ladies heels from the Czech Republic

and only 3% from countries outside the EU (All data rounded; data as at November 2011)

Of course there is also good quality coming from countries outside the EU. However, the continuous inspections of these suppliers is more difficult for us. Therefore we prefer suppliers from our neighbouring countries.

Upper Material
For our dance shoe uppers we use (depending on the model)
1) Finest Italian nappa leather of highest quality with a noble matt shoe finish.
2) High-class synthetic materials that are likewise produced in Italy.
3) Premium satin in white, tan, bronze and black that we receive from England..


Interior Lining
As interior lining we apply a super soft and antibacterial microfiber material from an italian premium manufacturer. Outstandingly suited to meet the needs of dancers, the breathable and moisture-absorbent high-tech material is to set the new standard for shoe lining.

All heels of our mens dance shoes as well as the bloc and cuban heels of the ladies dance shoes are equipped with a shock-absorbing cushioned heel. Due to this damping layer all physical impacts disseminate equally all over the entire heel area.

For our outsoles we solely use suede leather from a traditional german tannery. The very flexible suede leather outsole allows dancers to glide safely on the dance floor and at the same time ensures good adhesion while dancing.



Leather, synthetic and patent-materials should be cleaned with a soft lint-free cloth and „Diamant Dance Shoe Care“.

Suede upper leather should be cleaned with a suede brush. Heavily soiled suede material can be treated with „Diamant Dance Shoe Care“ and brushed afterwards when dried.

Suede leather soles should be roughened with a special brush before or after every dancing class to maintain grip and control on the dance floor.

Special Brush
In the course of time filth and waxed dance floors lock the gauze of the sole and form a glossy surface. With a special brush you can keep the suede leather sole in good condition and recover its anti-friction and adhesion properties.

Push-Button System
Diamant ladies dance shoes are manufactured with a push-button system. You need to adjust the strap once to your preferred fitting. To open and close the dance shoe you simply need to use the push-button. If the end of the straps are too long you can cut it with a sharp scissor.

Heel Tips
The material of our heel-tips is perfectly adjusted to the demands of dancing. Whenever they are worn out and you are in need of new heel-tips you can buy replacements from our dealers and exchange them yourself.